These new headphones have the claimed frequency response to make them hi-res audio compatible...

1more's latest pair of cans are really stressing their high-res credentials. Named H1707 (not the snappiest of monikers), the headphones have a claimed frequency range of 20Hz - 40kHz, so will be able to comfortably handle your high-resolution audio files.

The business of reproducing that frequency range is handled by a 40mm driver (paired with a bass reflex unit) in each earcup. The company says it's utilised "aerospace grade materials" and has used oxygen-free copper in a drive for the optimum listening experience.

The headphones fold down into the included carry-case, making them easier to take out and about.

Priced at £200, the H1707s are available now.

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Surely what makes a pair of

Surely what makes a pair of headphones "hi-res audio compatible" is an ability to resolve the minute detail of the recording within the range of human hearing and a bit beyond, not reproduce high frequencys way beyond twice the upper limit of human hearing.

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Hi-res or not if they are as good as their in-ear designs they are on to a giant-killer....