Our Verdict 
Bold design, with a big sound, but one that doesn't really thrill
Big, room-filling sound
happy at loud volume
LCD display
remote control included
Bass is boomy and lacks precision
muffled overall sound
styling might not be for everyone
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What a beast of an iPod dock this is. Comprising eight 30mm full-range drivers and a centrally mounted larger unit to boost bass, there's also a large LCD display and a fold-down docking station. Not the most compact solution, then?

Driven by six AA batteries or via mains power, Logic3's latest system is compatible with all iPods, thanks to the inclusion of various interchangeable docks. A remote control gives you basic functionality, while the LCD will show song titles. There's also a line out and a sync input for connecting iPods.

Large-scale sonics The payback for the size comes in the form of a big sound that will fill a decent-sized room. The i-Station8 goes quite loud, and retains its composure fairly well.

Sonically, it certainly isn't lightweight or bright, even at loud volume. But while the presence of lower frequencies is welcome, it's not the cleanest, punchiest delivery, and the sound lacks clarity.

While its features are good, the i-Station 8's muffled sound quality irritates compared to more musical docks. You can buy better.