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RE: 2014 Active Setup

Looks fantastic. Which model is the Oppo?

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RE: 2014 Active Setup

Only Oppo 105 comes in silver.

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RE: 2014 Active Setup

Interesting choice those speakers. Wink  It looks very classy, WishTree.


B&O beolab 9, NAD C510 DD dac/pre

Samsung 40d6500, Panasonic 210 blu-ray

Have a cyrus dac x lying around and a few headphones

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2015 Active SetUp

I have been away from the forum for sometime. Be it the chaotic nature of the forum after the 'upgrade' or me myself getting occupied elsewhere or the whole active setup philosophy of 'nothing much to upgrade'

Well, 2015 came (long time back) and towards the middle of the year, I looked at the possibilites for a system change. I was enjoying my set up with Beolab 9 and Oppo BDP-105D but I realised that I am using less of Oppo's bluray playing capabilites and also, the RCA cables acting as antenna on one speaker starting annoying me more. Either I go for a full fledged B&) set up with Playmaker or look sideways for other choices. Playmaker is the simplest choice as everything stays as is but I have been intrigued with Devialet for a long time (Open Secret!)

With the new(ish) Devialet Phantom, I got even more inclined to look into Devialet portfolio. The reviews, are all very glorious.

So finally bit the bullet and got a pair of Silver Phantom with Dialogue!

Sound Quality wise, they are a bit different presentation than Beolab 9. Where Beolab has the feel of brute force, Phantoms felt more sophisticated. I guess what I experience is lack of distortion in Phantoms. Beolab 9 are very clean but still their bass integration between the individual transducers of the speaker feels a bit rough (possibly due to my room, who knows!) where as in the same room Phantoms are doing much better job.

At this price point, it is more about the way the sytem's (re)presentation of the sound and the way it appears to the other senses (visually, financially etc). To me Devialet Phantoms made the needed difference to switch away from B&O. 

The software with Devialet Phantoms (Spark App) is buggy for some but it worked flawless in my setup from day 1. So, I got lucky there!!

| Devialet Silver Phantom X 2 | Dialogue |


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