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Router/Modem Complete novice request.

Hello Everyone,

I have a simple question, but as a beginner, don't know the answer.

I have a BT phone line, with a Sky broadband connection and a little Sky modem they sent me.

I have gone wireless, but the computer seems less responsive and well, slow. At times very slow.

If I buy a new router, will this in itself make for a faster experience, or do routers have nothing to do with this.

If a new router is the answer, do I still need the Sky modem, or can I throw it away.

Any views for this basic of questions, gratefully received.


P.S. There is nothing wrong with my laptop, it is a Toshiba, a couple of years old and fully functional.

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RE: Router/Modem Complete novice request.

It's possible that your wireless router is transmitting on the same frequency and channel as too many others in your direct neighbourhood.  This can usually be changed in the setup screens.  I have no direct experience of Sky BB or its modems/routers, so I can't specificaly help you.

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RE: Router/Modem Complete novice request.

Did you enable the wifi security, your neighbours could be making full use of your connection if you didn't. This could easily be resonsible for a slow connection if they are downloading big files at your expense!


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