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PS4 outputting only stereo 2.1 over HDMI

On my PS3 via HDMI cable with my Onkyo TX-SR875 AV Amp I get true HD 5.1/7.1
surround sound.

But on my PS4, outputs only a 2.1 signal via HDMl; I have swapped
cables and inputs between the PS3 & PS4 and it makes no difference.

On the PS3 there are options to output with different audio settings via
HDMI but on the PS4 there are no options?

I only way I can get surround sound is via the optical output which does
have options to select the audio output, but this is only standard 5.1 (and blu-ray films sounds
rubbish compared with the PS3).

Anyone else having similar problems?

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RE: PS4 outputting only stereo 2.1 over HDMI

is this any help?



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RE: PS4 outputting only stereo 2.1 over HDMI

Also, have a look at the Audio Output Settings section, under the Settings > Sound and Screen menu (link).

Mine is connected via HDMI to my Onkyo amp and no issues getting 5.1


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Found a fix for this problem.

Found a fix for this problem. It has to do with the hdmi pass through. 

In the ONKYO settings menu, go to Hardware setup > HDMI , then switch HDMI Audio Out, to Off. 

Hope this works for you!

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You have to press options on

You have to press options on the joy pad while watching a movie to select 5.1 took me ages to find it. At least for rentals thats is but master audio on blu rays should be automatic


If i understood your question correctly

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