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Naim Nac N172 XS vs Uniti


Having read the 2013 awards I am thinking of upgrading my Uniti (Spendor A5 speakers) to the NAC N 172 XS

Do you feel this is a worthwhile upgrade in sound quality? (I haven't yet auditioned it)

I recently purchased an ex-dem  NAP 200 power amp in anticipation of above and I am pleasantly surprised by how much the music has improved just by plugging in the NAP to my Uniti - seems to drive the A5s much better

So question is whether the 172XS will bring a further step up or to stick with this existing combo

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RE: Naim Nac N172 XS vs Uniti

My view is yes. I've heard both the Unity and the NAC 172/NAP combination and, to my ears, the NAC/NAP combo was clearly better - very close to the ND5XS/Nait XS combo that I have. Make sure you do a home demo and draw your own conclusions though.

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