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RE: Watchdog HDMI Cable Special

Ro-Tang Clan wrote:

professorhat wrote:

To be fair, your post has the potential of causing more confusion by referring to HDMI 1.0 and 2.0 with regards to cables. These standards exist only for the ports and the devices themselves. Cables are rated either at Standard Speed or High Speed (with various Automotive and Ethernet variants that aren't really that important) - link.

It might not seem important, but there's enough confusion already with the dreadful way the HDMI spec have been drafted, with the potential for people to believe they need to upgrade a 1.3 cable to a 1.4 or 2.0 cable, when in fact any device using any of those three standards would use the same High Speed rated cable.


Ahh I see, apologies, I did not mean to cause further confusion or provide false information. I was under the impression manufacturers produced the cables in correlation to a particular HDMI version standard but by law (for whatever reason) weren't allowed to use that as part of their marketing. That's how I thought cables were branded as 'standard' or 'high speed'.

I guess it was just something I formulated in my head simply because I have noticed a difference when switching between cables. I used to use the green HDMI cable that came with my Xbox and ran it between my AV reciever and TV (both ARC compatible) although ARC would never work. As soon as I upgraded to a cheap 'high speed' HDMI cable bought from Amazon ARC worked. I did also find it enabled a couple more colour options when using my Xbox thus providing better picture quality. Based on that, I made the assumption the green HDMI xbox cable was version 1.3 and the 'high speed' cable I had purchased was version 1.4. That;s where my theory is from anyway.

All you needto know about HDMI can be found here http://www.hdmi.org/index.aspx

Hope this helps



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