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Rear Speaker Thoughts

Afternoon Folks,

I'm looking for some thoughts on a new set of rear speakers. I'm currently getting a house extension built which will shorten my living room considerably - at present I've got the bipole Mission 77DS' facing each other in the dining room which continues on from the living room. This area is getting closed off which leaves me with a rectangular room 12'x18' and the rear speakers will now need to be wall mounted about 3' behind the sofa on the 12' wall.

The Mission's are too wide to fit on the wall space behind now - I'm not sure if they were even meant to be forward facing anyway.

My current mishmashed AV setup is as follows:

Panasonic TX P42VT30B tv,
Onkyo TX NR809 Amp,
Spendor S5E front speakers,
B&W CC6 centre speaker,
REL Q-Bass sub,
Mission 77DS bipole rear speakers.

I am toying with the idea of upgrading the centre speaker to the Spendor C5.2 at some point so it sort of made sense to go with the S3/5R² as rear speakers but as they will only be about 3 feet away, and may be too big to be wall mounted, I would appreciate any suggestions.