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Q Acoustics 2000I or Q7000?

Hi, I'm relatively new to Hime Cinema.  Had a Sony, all in one amp and speaker package for some years, and now going to ugrade to something better.


Amp I am going for is the Onkyo TX-NR616, and am choosing between the speakers, either Q Acoustics 2000I or Q7000.

I know the Q7000 are more expensive, and smaller speakers.  Does the extra cost justified, and I guess what I'm asking if you had the choice between the two, and cost wasn't the factor, what are the differences, and which ones to go for?




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RE: Q Acoustics 2000I or Q7000?

Style speakers are ultimately a bit of a compromise..... Not to say they're bad by any means, but you're not gonna get the same level of performance as you will with regular speakers of a similar budget.

The other question is, do you have the space and siting issues sorted to house 'proper' speakers. Many don't which is why they (and I) pay a premium for style speakers.

You could always mix 'n' match (asssuming you can buy the 7000s in pairs that is) and have some 2010/2020/2050s for your front pair, the matching centre and use a pair or two of 7000s for the surround channels.

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