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Jamo S 426 HSC - what subwoofer?



Over the last week I have taken the plunge into the world of home cinema systems. Below is what I have so far however I don't know if I am limiting the quality with an inferior subwoofer that came with the speakers. According to various websites the Subwoofer 260 (260 watts) should come with the Jamo S 426 HSC 5. The one the shop supplied was the subwoofer 210 (200 watts). I have called a number of branches of this chain and each one supply different subwoofers, seems to be whatever they have handy. Considering the cost to date, will the sound quality suffer with this lower spec subwoofer and should I do something about it? (They accidentally gave me a second complete 5.1 set of Jamo speakers by accident thus I am in a strong bargaining position to get an upgrade if I return these goods). 


parts of my new system:

Onkyo tx-rn609 receiver (in the post, due to arrive this week)

Sony bdp-S380 dvd player


I am also going to buy a mutli-media box however know nothing about them. I am looking for something I can download movies directly from the internet and play it through the AV receiver. Would be great if I could stream movies, music etc as well. Any advise? 

Thanks in advance.