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front height speakers?

Has anyone experimented or heard of results when using anything other than conventional speakers as front height speakers as part of the new Dolby IIz 7.1 set up?

I am trying to make the most of spare/old kit until I move house and have a pair of Q-Acoustics Q-Av's that are meant as surround/rear speakers that I can use as front height speakers but wonder what they will sound like as they are designed to give a broad spread of sound.

My theory is that due to the effects that are sent to these channels they should work quite well and will no doubt try them anyway but would like to get some input from anyone else with similar set ups.


My centre and rears are B&W VM1's and I'm making do with TDL RTL 2's as fronts (which unfortunately means a disparity in timbre matching etc) all connected up to a Sony BDP S-580 via the new Onkyo TX-Nr 609


There's been conflicting opinions on the results of adding the extra fronts so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!