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Compatible Speaker Stands?

Hi All,

 Glad to see What HiFi have done us all a favour by updating their website!

I have been looking for compatible stands for my Klegg M8 501 satellite speakers.  The only place I can find the official Klegg stands at a reasonable price is a company in Australia!  Does anybody know of any universal speaker stands that will work with these Kleggs?

 Thanks in advance.

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Re: Compatible Speaker Stands?

Well. Monitor Audio Netherlands is still listing the Klegg speakers on its website, so might still have some stands. An email probably wouldn't go amiss - it's a lot closer than Australia!

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Re: Compatible Speaker Stands?

Thanks Andrew, much appreciated.

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Re: Compatible Speaker Stands?

Still waiting for a reply from Monitor Audio Netherlands.

In the mean time does anybody else have any ideas what stand options I have for these speakers?

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