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RE: Warm, and smooth sounding speaker cable and interconnects.

hi there, i didnt literally mean looks gd in terms of appearance. i meant in the style of sound it has been said to produce. i totally respect your comments about the price of cables, so i need to think carefully about how much im williong to spend. this is one of the reasons im going second hand to pick up better deals. 

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RE: Warm, sweet and smooth sounding interconnects.
Van Damme Professional Blue Series Studio Grade 6mm (10awg) speaker cable.


Amazon sell it.

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RE: Which cables will be better for my Klipsch

Which cables will be better for my Klipsch RF-62 II

Chord Signature or Qed Genesis?

Maybe connect those two together?

Bi amp?


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RE: Warm and smooth sounding speaker cable and interconnects.

Kevin Stephens wrote:

With a system as good as yours I think you would be missing out on the potential of your components at only £50 for interconnects. I was amazed at the difference Chord Chorus 2 made to the warmth and clarity of my MF A3.5 system. Any good dealer should be able to lend you samples of ICs for home demo if you leave a deposit

That's what I thought too....

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Warm, sweet and smooth sounding speaker cable & interconnects.

I had a very interesting experience listening to Linn and Naim equipment some months ago when I was looking for a new streamer. I listened to the equipment with both Linn and Naim cables before these were changed for Mogami speaker cables. The difference was very noticable. The Naim in particular sounded much more natural to me with this cable. I haven't gone down the Linn or Naim route but this cable is definitely worth an audition. I think if I remember correctly it's less than £15 a metre. The only places I know that stock it are the Sound Organisation in York and Mike Manning in Yeovil, there may be others. 

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