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Quad II valve amplifiers

Hi all,

Need some advice on valve amplifiers? I currently have a quad 303/33 setup with a Thorens 160 and B&W 685's. I have to say that the setup sounds fantastic to me!!! I've always for as long as I can remember wanted a set of original Quad II vintage valve amps, I have managed to find a really good original pair  un modified pair (still in boxes)that I'm going to look at and hopefully buy tomorrow. My question is..... Will this the quads run my B&W's ok? They are 100w 8ohm 88db.  sensitivity. 

i eventually, when money allows will get a more suitable set of speakers but just wondered how the B&W's would cope in the time being. My room size is only small at about 4m x 4m. 

any advice would be a great help. 

Thnaks guys!