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RE: Good amplifier to play spotify music


Of the 5 star rated stanmounters below 400 pounds in whatifi the mission mx3 and the tannoy mercury v4s areavailable at reasonable prices (250-300 pounds). Do you think any of those speakwrs could be a good match for the Onlyo TX8050?

Thnaks again. I am really new to this and trying to find my way here Smile

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RE: Good amplifier to play spotify music

richardw42 wrote:

Beat me to it. The Onkyo definitely is an obvious choice. AV Recevers also have an awful lot to offer in terms of features and usually have more power than price comparable  stereo ones. I don't know why people get so sniffy about them. 

indeed, the Denon 2113 I have has Spotify on board, decods HD, simple to use, has penty of power on tap all for £249.  Absolute bargin. 


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