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RE: Grado SR headphone comfort - Solved

Just ordered the Onyx for my SR325i 'Goldies'. Partnered with the G-Cush ear-pads I reckon I'll be able to headbang in comfort without the risk of my precious cans flying into the nearest wall :wall:

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Grado SR headphone comfort - Solved

Wavod, did your headband arrive yet?  

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Grado G Cush v L Cush replacement headphone pads

When my foam pads eventually disintegrated for my Grado SR225 headphones I went on the forums to see what others had done to replace the pads, there were some mixed feelings about the comfort issue V sound quality for using the G Cush over ear pads ment for the more high end GS/PS1000 headphones and the L Cush on ear pads which is what is supposed to be used for the SR225. The manufacturers are adamant to use different pads meant a loss in sound quality. Cost issues aside as yes replacement foam pads are a rip off I decided to get both the official Grado replacement G Cush and L Cush pads and hear for myself what the difference is. Obviously this is what to my ears I concluded but I think I have good perception and my hearing is pretty good so I shouldn't be far off.     The G Cush over ear pads fit easily on my SR225s and are alot more comfortable and great for listening to CDs and mp3 recordings and I would say improve the sound reducing harshness but keeping the detail and the sound stage is a little more open, however when listening to hi bit rate HD flac music, the G Cush looses detail and bass and I find the involvement of loosing yourself in the sound is diminished. L Cush are the much better option you really do hear the benefit from HD tracks but for everything else the G Cush are better.

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Grados are comfy anyway if you wear them right.

I wouldn't advise putting G-cush on Grados other than the PS500x. Excluding Grados that have them stock fitted like GS100 of course.

The reaason is that G-cush reduce bass, improve sound-stage, and increase treble. This is not the result you want with Grados. Most Grado models are a little trebly anyway. If you look on "Headroom.com build your own graph", you can see it.

Back to the L-cush. It is comfy anyway if you get the earpads in the right place on your ears. You have to experiment pushing the cups up or down the legs. You will eventually find a place where they feel comfortable.

I wear my 225e for hours at a time. Without them in the correct place, they hurt after about half an hour. With them i the right place I can wear them all day.


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