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Audiolab CDQ & AKG K701 compatibility

Hello everyone.

Until I can commit to my first set of seperates, I am considering various approaches. What are peoples thoughts on hooking up an Audiolab CDQ and a set of AKG K701 headphoes. The Audiolab CDQ has a pre-amp and Class A headphone amplifier inbuilt, so I was looking to get this as a start.. This should cost me @£1100 which is do-able. I then have two nice pieces of kit for which to add on to once I have the cash. I have considered getting a full set of seperates for £1-1.5k but I quite fancy the idea of something a bit better, even though I won't have speakers and a power amp. Also, would the AKGs match the Audiolab? I was looking at some Grado's but I must admit that I like the look of the AKGs

Any advice on this idea would be much appreciated.

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Re: Audiolab CDQ & AKG K701 compatibility

Hi SC, I have the headphones you are talking about. There is no question that it is the best one I own, as you can see from my signature I am fortunate enough to own many pairs. It is very neutral, no part of the frequency spectrum stands out. The bass is deep but it is not thumping bass, so if you are a bass head I would go for the grado 325i. If you however, are someone who likes to analyse music and lsten intently, you cant go wrong. Extreme detail level! I guarantee you would hear something new on music you have listened to for ages. With regards to compatibility, I cannot comment on the audiolab match. These are very neutral headphones so I think it wont colour the sound from the audiolab.

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Re: Audiolab CDQ & AKG K701 compatibility

I agree with shafesk's description of the K702 sound. Liking the look and comfort of headphones is important for long term listening and I find the K702 to be more comfortable than the SR80s I have.

I too have not heard the Audiolab, but if they have taken the time to build in a specific headphone amp, as opposed to the usual add on, I would guess it has a high chance of sounding great.

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Re: Audiolab CDQ & AKG KThanks for 701 compatibility

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm pleased that the AKG's are good to listen to. I can satisfy my vanity as well as my ears.

Sounds like I need to audition the two together.


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