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Yamaha T-85 tuner - fantastic!

I bought one of these via German eBay recently and I must say it's the best sounding tuner I've ever had in my system (Rotel RA-04 integrated amp, B&W 601 S2 speakers). The other 'audiophile' tuner I have is an Onkyo T-4970, which has good sound also.

 However, the difference with the Yamaha was bigger than I expected. Compared to the Onkyo there is better imaging with more depth, more ambience, sweeter highs and a touch more bass. The Onkyo sounds rather bland in comparison. The Yamaha on some live jazz/acoustic music recently has provided some of the best audio my system has produced.

The only slight snag is in autotune mode it only tunes down. Manual tuning is fine.

 Apparently the T-85 was Yamaha's flagship tuner between 1986-88, and I bought it after doing some research. Has anyone else got one or ever used one? I'd be interested to hear anyone else's thoughts on this tuner.