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iTunes & NAS drives

Okay. I have my music stored on a NAS. I am trying to use iTunes to manage my library these days because we now have iDevices in the house. There's my laptop, and then my wife's. both have iTunes on, and both have their individual libraries on them. I haven't physically relocated the iTunes library to the NAS in each case, instead I just used 'Add folder' to add the entire network share to each machine separately.

Not being familiar with iTunes, but being familiar with Apple's guarded tendancies, I wasn't sure how best to arrange this. I wasn't sure if Apple would let my wife and I have two separate personalised libraries that both used the same original set of files as their base.

It was all working okayish, apart from two sticking points. Neither machine seem to log on t the NAS every time they boot without fail, and this means in turn that every now and again I go straight in to iTunes and try and play a file, which obviously it then can't access, causing the ! problem.

I've read elsewhere that it's hard to get iTunes on a laptop to play nicely in a seemless and reliable fashion with a single set of files shared on a NAS, but I'm not sure how true this is.

I now need to fix this ! problem, as there are more and more files in my version of iTunes popping up with it, as I keep forgeting to check the NAS network share is okay before diving straight in to iTunes.

Do you think I can repair all the various !'s just be re'adding the music network share via the File menu on iTunes?

It struck me that maybe I should just officially move the entire library over to the NAS, e.e. point iTunes library default location on my laptop to the share. If I did this on mine and my wife's computer, would that be okay, or would one or other of our iTunes versions get annoyed about trying to share one set of files between two different machines, two different itunes, and 2 different iDevices sync'd to each?

Just to be clear, as I'm aware my confusion is catching, I haven't moved the default iTunes library location off my current laptop. I've just added the NAS folders to the library. The library is still officially pointed locally at my laptop's hard drive, and the same on my wife's machine.

any thoughts or wisdom welcome. I'm starting to get confused!


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RE: iTunes & NAS drives

Firstly, any individual libraries will show up on and be accessible on a shared network.

Secondly, you are going to need iTunes running on a device, so if you have the capacity, you may as well have the library stored locally, you will still be able to access any network shared libraries.

THIS link details how to move your library and I think partly answers some of your questions.

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