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Yamaha DSP A1 and HDMI

I have a Yamaha DSP A1, which is an outstanding product. It is in perfect working condition and cosmetically unmarked. 

Is it possible to add a device (a pre-amp perhaps?) that will connect the various HDMI feeds. A bonus would be if it could also add additional sound channels.

I have a BluRay player, DVR, Humax Freesat decoder (new) and Apple TV, all of which output via HDMI. My projector, JVC DLA HD1, has two HDMI  and one component inputs. 

If possible, I want to upgrade the speaker system  to 7.2 or 9.2.

If this is not feasible I have an alternative use for the DSP A1: I could move it to another location where the audio requirement would be adequately met by the A1's 5.1 output but I would still need to manage a similar range of HDMI inputs. In that location all of the devices will be new and include a BluRay player, Mac Mini, Sat decoder and a hard drive media hub connected over Ethernet. The display will be a 4K TV.

The question remains similar whichever the location;

Can anyone suggest a product that will provided the interface?