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Receiver Dilemma

Hi everyone,

Hoping you might be able to help me out here.  I am a videophile who apparently is gaining appreciation for improving my audio.  Wouldn't go so far as calling myself an audiophile but I hope to get there soon (wife isn't too impressed with cash outlay).

Basically I need your support to help me answer a question.  I have been running an average-good surround system for a few years and my Harmon Kardon stopped working. Good excuse to upgrade.  Coincidentally, a good mate (and crazy audio phile), was kind enough to offer me his old Krell showcase processor and dual amplifier for a great deal.  I already tested this with my speakers and it sounds insane for audio.  I can't believe it actually, amazing.  But here is the problem.  The Krell is a processor and while the dual amp will allow me to upgrade to a few heavy set floor speakers, I still need an amp for the surrounds and center channel.  Also - I would like to have a processor/receiver that can handle the future TrueHD/DTS HD.  The Krell processor does not have hdmi inputs, which to my understanding, makes it impossible to get high end sound. 

Ultimately I want to keep up with technology and get the latest to support my video habits while upgrading my new audio hobby.  How can I do both?  Do I Keep the Krell processor + amp and purchase an AV Receiver to service the surrounds + support new HD audio?  If so, which would you recommend?  Does it have to be top line or is there something that mid range that can be just as good?  I don't know that much about processors so do I even need the Krell processor and then use the savings to go all out with an AV Receiver which will still connect to the amp (assuming it can connect to the amp)?

Look forward to your answers!  Thanks!