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Marantz SR6003 vs Denon AVR-2113(that bad?)

I wanted a new amp with new features that supported 3D, had more HDMI connectors etc. Someone offered me a Denon AVR2113 at a really good price so I bought.

After having the Denon installed I immediately noted that it is made so cheaply, plastic front panel and quite flimsy! It feels like a downgrade from the Marantz., is the 2113 a low end mode? How do the other denons compare?

I also noticed that I can easily reach max volume and its not that loud? on t he Marantz i could not get near max. Is this a setting? I checked my Audio setup and there is a option to limit the volume but this was not the culprit, when I turn the amp on max its just not that loud. Any advice suggestions?

My question is this, do I keep the 2113 is it a better amp than the Marantz SR6003? I know the Denon has all the new features like Airplay and 3D etc. All of those new features aside, is it better than what I had?


Your feedback would be appreciated.


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From my experiecne I'd say

From my experiecne I'd say build quality aside then yes.

I won't go into all the reasons for the switch as it's an involved story but a couple of years ago while being very happy with my mid range Marantz SR6001 I ended up going to a slightly less powerful budget end Denon 1911.

As you say you're suddenly going to platic from a swathe of metal which is a bit offputting but in terms of sound quality they have a very similar tone and I've actually found the Denon to be a match for the Marantz, plus things like Dynamic. EQ and midnight modes that the Maratnz didn't have help the listening while not annoying the neighbours. I'd say the Marantz maybe had a slightly richer smoother sound but the Denon has better bass control and impact and maybe lightly more detail. For music and films with a bias toward films I'd say the Denon is probably better.

Your 2113 is more in the mid-range like the 6003, so I would expect that it can be at least an equal for the Marantz. It may be worth checking the volume levels on the test tone. It could be that the auto-setup has knocked them down too low meaning that you have to turn the volume up a lot.

I hope this helps. I don;t think that you need to give up on the Denon. I get plenty of volume out of the 1911.

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Maybe your Dynamic volume is

Maybe your Dynamic volume is set to off?

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