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iPad to Apple TV to Amp

Hi all,

I'm after some advice about my audio setup.  Currently I have my music on iPad, which connects via airplay to the ATV. The ATV is connected to the TV via HDMI and the TV's audio goes out to the amp via the analogue output.

The ATV doesn't have an analogue out....which is a bummer.

This setup means I have to have the TV on to play music, which isn't exaclty green.  I also have to switch the TV on and change the source over when really I want to just pick up the ipad start the music playing.

My options seem to be:

- buy an amp with airplay (£££)

- buy an amp with an optical input (my Marantz PM6003 doesn't have one), so I can output to both the TV and the Amp directly.

- buy an airport express (bit reluctant to as have only just got the ATV which I was hoping to use for this purpose).

- invent an optical to analogue converter.


Any help greatfully received.




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RE: iPad to Apple TV to Amp

CYP-AU3 and you are done.  £25.  I run ATV3 via optical into it - short 'jumper' RCAs into the Naim Nait 5i-2

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RE: iPad to Apple TV to Amp

Thanks, you're a Gent.  Reviews looks great, just acquired one.

Very much appreciated indeed.

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RE: iPad to Apple TV to Amp

DACs with optical inputs can be got for well under £100. You can then control the ATV from the iPad using Apple's Remote app. The SQ will be determined by the quality of the DAC. I drive my power amp directly from my M-DAC for instance with my ATV 2 feeding an optical in - some DACs have integrated volume controls. I did use my TV's analogue out for a while - its DAC wasn't that bad!

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RE: iPad to Apple TV to Amp

All as above really...


I have an ATV2 in the living room connected to my EPOZ powered speakers via a Fiio D3 DAC and a semi-decent optical cable and RCA's from the DAC to the EPOZ's...


Sounds superb and never has any glitches Biggrin

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