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new turntable cables

Hi guys,

I need some advice on phono cables for my turntable. I currently have some seriously cheap pro-ject phono cables on an Opera Consonance LP5.0 turntable, and that needs replacing. I'm hooking it up to an Opera Reference 5.5mk2 tube amp via an Opera PM2mk2 phono pre-amp.

So I have some candidates:
Van Den Hul ISIS (ca 80-100GBP)
Van Den Hul The Thames (ca 125-150 GBP)
Maple Audio Works Ambience ca (335 USD)
JIB HF-001B/C (not sure but saw in China at an audio show for about 2500 RMB)

Can anyone tell me what would be the better choice? I'm considering the Ambience for the phono pre-amp to tube amp stage. It's supposed to be mind bogglingly amazing. But I'm not sure if I can get hold of a set. They are not very common.
The JIB cables seem well made too, but I cannot find any reviews on them whatsoever, and they are even harder to find. Making it impossible to get an idea on their sound characteristics.
The Van Den Hul cables are easy to get, but I don't know how they perform. They are also cheaper than the others I mentioned. I need to get cables from my arm to my phono pre, and from my phono pre to the tube amp.

Considering that the main amp as well as the phono stage are both tube driven, I probably want a cable that is very accurate and clean, rather than warm and coloured. I don't have any opportunities to actually audition cables (I'm in China, and if I visit the civilised world I don't have my setup in my inner pocket with me to do trials...). As such I would like to hear some recommendations from people. I'm open to alternatives, in which case I'd say my budget is around the 150GBP +/-30 GBP