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Every time a new issue of What Hi-Fi? is published - that's 13 times a year - we update our playlist (on Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal) with a new selection of the music we've been listening to in the last month. Join us...

If you want to get a flavour of what we've been listening to over the past few weeks as we wrestle a brand-new issue of What Hi-Fi? magazine to the printers and onwards to the shelves of your favourite retailer, check out our regular playlist updates. If you're a DeezerQobuz, Spotify or Tidal user, subscribe now and you'll never be short of new music again. 

The August 2018 issue of What Hi-Fi? focuses strongly on loudspeakers - from affordable standmounters (around the £200 per pair mark) and floorstanders (£300 - £400, which we reckon still counts as 'affordable') to pairs costing more than £2k, we've gone to great lengths to help you choose the speakers to make your system sing.

There's plenty of advice about music to examine every aspect of your new speakers' performance, too - and that's in addition to the 20 hair-raisingly enjoyable new tracks on the brand new What Hi-Fi? playlist. From Pusha T and Robert Palmer, through Janis Joplin and Mogwai, to Chet Atkins and Sigur Rós (to name but six of the painstakingly selected artists), there's plenty here to stretch your speakers while simultaneously expanding your mind. Come on in, the listening's lovely.

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