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If you want to get a flavour of what we've been listening to over the past few weeks as we wrestle a brand-new issue of What Hi-Fi? magazine to the printers and onwards to the shelves of your favourite retailer, check out our regular playlist updates. If you're a Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify or Tidal user, subscribe now and you'll never be short of new music again.

The October 2018 issue of What Hi-Fi? will delight AV fans. We review the best £500 (or thereabouts) AV receivers, offer insightful advice and tips on how to set them up, and present the latest and best speaker packages, soundbars, 4K Blu-ray players and projectors – at every price point – to kit out your epic new home cinema room.

With AV kit now packing wireless multi-room music streaming, supporting everything from Spotify Connect to AirPlay to 24-bit high-res audio, it’s only reasonable to want to play some great new tunes. So we’ve updated our playlist with 20 cracking tracks to see what your new home cinema is capable of. From Carly Simon and The Bangles to Gruff Rhys, Electrelane and Yello (to name just a morsel of the selection on offer), there’s plenty to tap your foot along to. Enjoy!

To listen to the playlist via the streaming service of your choice, just click on the relevant link below to load up on new music.

Listen: What Hi-Fi? Deezer playlist October 2018

Listen: What Hi-Fi? Qobuz playlist October 2018

Listen: What Hi-Fi? Spotify playlist 2018

Listen: What Hi-Fi? Tidal playlist October 2018

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