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The world moves pretty fast, and if we're hard at work in Las Vegas during CES2018 then it must be time for our February 2018 issue to hit the shelves. This brand-new issue is packed with news about and reviews of the latest hi-fi and home entertainment technolgy, including the best pound-for-pound OLED TV we've seen so far, plus the 4K and HDR of everything (from TVs and streamers to test-discs and disc-players). Add in £6000-worth of turntable, a preview of February's Bristiol Sound & Vision Show and more beside, and you've the perfect accompaniment to this month's What Hi-Fi? playlist.

And what a humdinger of a playlist it is: from The Temptations and Donald Fagen, through Bad Pony and Blackalicious to Huxley and Songhoy Blues (to name just six of 20 corking selections), there's plenty here to stretch your system, liven your legs and soothe your brow. So do your ears (and your brow, for that matter) a favour and dive right in.

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Listen: What Hi-Fi? Tidal playlist February 2018 

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