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The best Sky TV deals 2019

The best Sky TV deals 2019
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Sky Q is the best entertainment offering around right now, but it's not cheap. Thankfully there are ways to make it more affordable, such as the current Sky Q deals which see a few pennies knocked off Sky TV packages. There are also other time-limited deals or you can just prune away the channels and services you don't need.

Sky combines top-flight sports, the best drama and comedy from the UK and US, and the biggest films before they reach other services, and much of it in 4K too. And now it offers Netflix, giving you a host of original content and an exhaustive library to binge your way through.

Here we'll cover both of these options, as well as tell you all about Sky Q, how to get it and what it offers. So, here are the best Sky TV deals, bundles and packages and how to get them. Happy viewing!

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is the next generation of home entertainment, following on from Sky+. It offers lots of channels covering drama, comedy, wildlife, kids, films and sports content, served up in a package that delivers 4K picture quality, the ability to pause and rewind live channels, and full multi-room features.

How do you get Sky Q?

The best Sky TV deals 2019

(Image credit: Sky)

To get Sky Q, you'll need a Sky Q Box, which, until recently, came in two sizes: 1TB or 2TB (which was known as Sky Q Silver when it launched). The 1TB option stores up to 500 hours of standard definition TV, lets you record three channels while watching a fourth and is able to show HD and 4K content.

The 2TB box holds twice as much content and can record six channels while you watch a seventh but, for the time being, has disappeared from the Sky website.

You'll also need a satellite dish in order to watch Sky, though we're promised that Sky will soon be available over broadband.

Can you still get Sky+?

No. While Sky still supports its Sky+ customers, the only option for new customers is Sky Q.

How much do the Sky Q boxes cost?

The Standard Sky Q package allows you to watch content at up to HD resolution and comes with the 1TB box. There's a one-off installation fee of £20 and then it's £22 per month for the basic TV package which includes Sky Atlantic, Sky Originals, 300 channels and 40 catch-up services.

You can bump it up to the over 35 HD channels for an extra £5 per month with the Sky HD package. That takes the total monthly to £25, and that seems like something of a no-brainer.

You can upgrade to Sky Q Multiroom for an additional £13 per month (£35 total) enjoy your Sky content on a second TV as well as unlock 4K viewing.

Sky Q Multiroom+ is the top of the tree. That ups the ante to a monthly £40 for the basic TV package, access to 4K content and those 35+ HD channels too.

With any of these Sky Q options, you can add on TV channels in bundles like Sky Sports, Sky Box Sets, Sky Entertainment, etc.

That's the basics covered. So what do the various Sky packages offer?

Sky TV

The best Sky TV deals 2019

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Sky TV | £20 setup fee | £22 a month
Sky has ditched the old format of multiple tiers of Sky TV packages. and the Sky Entertainment pack name now too. Instead you get Sky TV as the basic starter bundle for just £22 per month. This pack includes a wide variety of dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Nat Geo wild, Sky Originals and 300 TV channels.View Deal

This is the basic package that all Sky customers get. It offers over 300 channels covering entertainment, documentary, music and sports. These include Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, MTV, Gold, Comedy Central, Quest, Syfy, E!, Discovery, National Geographic, Sky Sports News, Eurosport and Sky Sports Mix.

That means you get shows like Big Little Lies, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, Chernobyl, Gomorrah and Riviera.

For new customers, Sky TV costs £22 a month for the first 18 months. Now you've got your starter pack, it's time to add some extras.

Sky Sports

Best Sky Q TV 2019 deals: the bundles, packages and Sky Q offers you need

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Sky Sports Complete Pack | £23 per month (18 month contract)
Sports subscriptions are getting complicated but Sky remains a pretty much must-buy for serious sports fans. You can get the full package for £23 per month, down from £30. This Sky Sports bundle comes with Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Main Event.View Deal

This gives you more sports channels than the standard Sky TV package. Namely, you get individual channels dedicated to Premier League football, the football league, cricket, F1 and golf.

You also get Sky Sports Action (showing badminton, WWE and others), Sky Sports Arena (basketball, racing, bowling), Sky Sports Main Event (golf, cricket, rugby) and Sky Sports News.

This usually costs £30 a month, but is currently down to £23 a month for new Sky customers (for the first 18 months).

If you have the relevant package, you'll be able to watch some of these channels in 4K.

Sky Cinema

Best Sky TV deals: the bundles, packages and Sky Q offers you need

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Sky Cinema | £10 a month
With a new film premiere every day and over 1000 other films to choose from, Sky Cinema is great for film fans. The selection is up-to-date and you also get these channels in HD at no additional cost.
View Deal

Sky offers 11 film channels, along with over 1,000 movies on-demand. It also shows a new premiere every day of the year.

This costs £10 a month for new customers (for the first 18 months) instead of £19.


Best Sky TV deals: the bundles, packages and Sky Q offers you need

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Sky Kids | £5 a month
This deals gives over 5000 episodes on demand. There's more though as there are also 11 live channels. You can also have up to 10 individual profiles on the Sky Kids app with shows tailored to the age of your children.
View Deal

There are 11 kids channels up for grabs, including the Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Boomerang and Cartoon Network.

This costs £5 extra a month. It only offers a 31-day contract, so you won't be tied in for the long run.

Ultimate On Demand

Best Sky Q TV 2019 deals: the bundles, packages and Sky Q offers you need

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Until recently, Sky's Ultimate On Demand was the base bundle but, sadly, Sky has stripped away the free Netflix and Box Sets access for the time being.

Instead, it now comes in at an extra £12 per month.

Sky Ultimate On Demand | £12 a month
This is one of the best add-ons to any Sky TV package. Live TV and catch-up is all well and good but Netflix and hundreds of hours of Sky Box Sets is virtually essential.View Deal

Sky Fibre broadband

Sky Broadband Superfast & TV deals| 18 months | £29.95 one-off set-up fee | from £39 per month
If you're also looking for a fibre broadband and Sky TV deal bundle then you can sign up for as little as £39 a month all in. All of Sky's broadband packages include unlimited downloads, line rental, free evening and weekend calls and the Sky Hub router.View Deal

Want to take advantage of Sky's TV and broadband Black Friday deals? Sky Broadband Superfast, with its 59Mbps average download speeds, is available along with a set of Sky TV packages for a limited time.

Total set-up costs come in at £29.95 but includes the Sky TV box and Sky Hub router as well. Line rental is included in the monthly price.

Sky Broadband Superfast is available bundled with the Sky Entertainment package (£39/month) and the Sky Sports + Sky Cinema + HD packages (£71/month).

These deals are for a limited time only and may vary for broadband access depending on where you live. Enter your postcode during the buying process to see what deals are available for you.