Roku Express 4K HDR TV streamer is now under £20

Roku Express 4K HDR TV Streamer
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The Roku Express 4K TV streamer is now down to just £19.99 on Amazon, an absolute bargain for anyone looking to enjoy 4K and HDR streaming throughout the house. We’ve yet to test this one out for ourselves but we liked the Roku Streambar and for under £20, the Express 4K could be the cheapest way to enjoy 4K picture on your HD TV.

The streaming unit is about half the size of the remote, making it one of the smallest, most convenient ways to enjoy 4K streaming on multiple devices. It’s incredibly easy to set up, with everything included in the box meaning you can start watching in minutes. The Express 4K allows you to access a wide range of premium, live, and free content including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube.

Roku Express 4K was £40now £20 at Amazon (save £20)

Roku Express 4K was £40 now £20 at Amazon (save £20)

We haven't yet tested the Roku Express 4K but we thought the Roku Streambar was great value for money. For just £20, we think the Express 4K could be the easiest way to get into 4K streaming.

In terms of connectivity, the Express 4K features HDMI and Micro-USB outputs, along with dual-band Wi-Fi for smooth streaming across multiple devices. It’s also compatible with Apple AirPlay, Google Home, and Alexa. 

The Roku mobile app allows for even more accessibility. The app turns your mobile phone into a handy second remote, allowing you to search with your voice or the mobile keyboard. You can even enjoy private listening with your headphones connected, this is a nice feature if you want to turn up the volume without disturbing the rest of the house. 

Updates on the Roku Express 4K are automatic which is great for those of us who want the latest software and features without even having to think about manually hitting download.

For just £19.99, we reckon this is worth a punt. 

It could be a great option for anyone looking to get into 4K streaming, or those looking for a secondary setup. 


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