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The best cheap soundbar deals ahead of Black Friday

The best cheap soundbar deals 2019

Your TV's speakers probably aren't great. But don't feel ashamed; few are. Fear not though; there is a way to improve things so you can hear dialogue more clearly and up the ante with film soundtracks.

A soundbar or soundbase is an easy and simple way to boost your TV's sound performance without cluttering your lounge with multiple speakers and a chunky AV amplifier. You just pop it in front of (soundbar) or beneath (soundbase) a TV and you're all set! 

And the good news just keeps on coming, because there are some great cheap TV soundbars and soundbases, as well as some excellent more premium options if you're partnering with a bigger, more expensive TV. The best will offer pseudo surround sound, while some models even support next-generation Dolby Atmos for a sense of overhead, truly immersive sound.

And plenty of models are discounted across online retailers, as you'll see below. Here's our pick of the best prices on our favourite TV sound-boosting solutions. Black Friday is just around the corner, after all. Now is the time to keep an eye out for bargains.

Polk Command Bar soundbar £350 £249 at Amazon 
Alexa voice control in a soundbar? Sounds pretty nifty to us. Like the Sonos Beam, this Polk soundbar can be controlled using your voice. You can ask Alexa the time or weather, or set an alarm or turn the lights off. Most crucially, there's a hefty discount.View Deal

Q Acoustics M2 soundbase £299 £169 at Amazon
Q Acoustics can now add ‘soundbase’ to its list of successes. We said the M2 was fantastic value for money at its original price, so the fact it's now almost half price is unbelievable value.View Deal

JBL Bar Studio (Black) soundbar £129 £99 at Richer Sounds
This four-star JBL is a fine budget upgrade on your TV speakers - especially with a £20 discount. HDMI, optical and Bluetooth support are all included along with a wall mount kit, optical cable and 3.5mm AUX cable bundled in. Worth a look for some solid, cheap soundbar action.View Deal

JVC TH-W513B £60 £49 at Currys
Not a huge saving, but then this budget soundbar was very good at its original £60 price. If you’ve got a flatscreen that is struggling for sound but are on a tight budget, "this honest, hard-working little JVC is well worth an audition," we said in our four-star review.View Deal

Samsung HW-N650 soundbar £700 £299 at Amazon
Here, Samsung's Acoustic Beam Technology aims to deliver a more cinematic experience from the space in front of your TV. The HW-N650 delivers an impressive 360 watts of power through its 5.1 drivers, and has a wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth to boot.View Deal

Sky Soundbox soundbar £499 £249 at Sky
Sky's soundbar-cum-wireless-speaker delivers a big sound from a small box. It has 4K-supporting HDMI input/output connections and a digital optical input, plus USB and Bluetooth connectivity for music. For existing and potential Sky customers, the Soundbox is a success and, at £249, it's now competitively priced.View Deal

Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar £350 £249 at Sevenoaks
You can now save £100 on this five-star soundbar from Yamaha. It's a clear step above entry-level models in terms of quality, with a detailed and spacious soundfield and tight, tonally balanced delivery. Take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity and the soundbar's single 4K-compatible HDMI input.View Deal

LG SK8 Dolby Atmos soundbar Bluetooth £699 £404 at Amazon
LG's high-tech SK8 packs Dolby Atmos tech into a 2.1-channel soundbar in an attempt to deliver more immersive sound from your movies. The LG also boasts support for hi-res audio, Chromecast and Bluetooth, plus a HDMI input and wireless subwoofer. A serious sound-boosting proposition for the money.View Deal

JVC TH-D227B 2.0 Compact Sound Bar £100 £80 at Currys
This JVC soundbar has Bluetooth for wireless streaming as well as wired connections, so you can easily connect the soundbar to your TV or existing audio – co-axial and 3.5 mm cables are included.
It has a compact design that's compatible with TVs from 17” and over, so you can enhance your audio no matter the size of your telly.
View Deal

Yamaha YSP-2700 soundbar £599 £499 at Richer Sounds
This Yamaha soundbar offers the most convincing surround sound experience you'll get outside a full 5.1 system. A wide, spacious sound from 16 speakers makes this Yamaha 'bar unique – and the £100 saving should be snapped up if you're on the market one.View Deal

Sony HT-ZF9 Dolby Atmos soundbar £650 £530 at Amazon
If you haven't got space for a full Dolby Atmos surround package, this Sony soundbar gives you a taste of the tech in a smaller set-up. It does a very decent job of immersing you in the action despite just being just a 3.1-channel design. 4K HDR support, twin HDMI inputs and Bluetooth connectivity come as standard. View Deal

Sony HT-ST5000 Atmos soundbar £1500 £1199 at John Lewis
This Award-winning Dolby Atmos Sony soundbar can now be had with a saving of over £300. It produces a seriously accomplished sound and does a great job of immersing you in the action. At this price, it's well worth an audition and boasts three HDMI inputs for all your 4K and HD sources.View Deal