Black Friday Sonos deals: The best prices on Sonos speakers

Best Sonos deals

Sonos has made the multi-room market its own with a range of excellent wireless speakers and soundbars, proving ever-popular, even as new competitors fill the market.

So we expect to see Sonos Black Friday deals as retailers capitalise on the headline-grabbing potential of a Sonos deal. And we haven't had to wait long - there are already deals on Sonos accessories on Amazon.

Sonos doesn't discount its speakers too often, so if you see a bargain, we'd suggest you strike while it's hot - and Black Friday could well be the time. Last year there was a £50 saving on the Play:5, Playbar and Sub, £30 off the Play:3 and small savings on the Play:1 and Connect. So fingers crossed that 2018 will also deliver the deals. We'll be keeping an eye out for Sonos Black Friday deals and will be adding them here when we see them.

Sonos Black Friday deals

Sonos accessories deal

Sonos accessories

There are a host of Flexson Sonos accessories on offer in the early Amazon Black Friday deals. So if you want floor stands or wall brackets for your Sonos speakers, now's the time to get a bargain - you can save up to 44% off the retail prices.

Flexson wall mount bracket for a Play:1, now £19.01, down from £24.20

2 x Flexson wall mount brackets for a Play:1, now £33.00, down from £44.08

Premium Flexson floor stand for the Play:1, now £74.66, down from £122.46

Flexson floor stand for the Play:1, now £38 (in white) and £37.01 (in black)

2 x Flexson wall mount brackets, now £75.01, down from £102

Adjustable floor stand, now £60.52 (down from £79.99)

2 x adjustable floor stand, £90.05 (down from £117.03)

Flexson stand for the Sonos Playbar, now £69.25, down from £100

The best Sonos speaker deals right now

Ahead of the avalanche of Black Friday deals, whether you want the cheapest Sonos speaker, the Sonos One, or a TV speaker, such as the Sonos Beam, Playbar or Playbase, we've rounded-up the best prices to be found online.

Sonos One deals

Sonos One

Essentially, the Sonos One is a Play:1 (below) with Alexa voice control built-in, and that’s a fine combination in our book. Other voice assistants will be joining the party, too. Great sound and smart looks are the icing on this cake. This is the cheapest and arguably the best entry-point to all things Sonos.

Sonos Play:1 deals

Sonos Play:1

The Play:1 was the original small but beautifully formed Sonos speaker. Now usurped by the One (above), it remains an accomplished performer, certainly where sound is concerned, but doesn't offer the bells and whistles (mainly voice control) that you find on the Sonos One. Thanks to its relatively age, you can save a few quid.

Sonos Play:3 deals

Sonos Play:3

Like the majority of Sonos's wireless speakers, the Play:3 is another cracking performer and is now available with a tidy saving. No touch sensitive controls or voice assistants, but all the control and streaming functionality of the Sonos family.

Sonos Play:5 deals

Sonos Play:5

The biggest, boldest and most powerful speaker in the Sonos range. A highlight of the Play:5 is its ability to fill even the biggest room with a rich, powerful sound. Some new rivals have stolen some of the Play:5's thunder, especially if you want the last word in audio quality, but as an addition to a Sonos system, it's still great quality.

Sonos Beam deals

Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is a smaller, cheaper TV speaker, with a few crucial additions to its spec sheet, including an HDMI connection and a voice control assistant, initially Amazon Alexa, but also Google Assistant and Apple Siri. The most versatile Sonos speaker yet? Quite possibly. If you need to boost your TV's sound, this is a great way to start a multi-room Sonos system.

Sonos Playbar deals

Sonos Playbar

The original Sonos soundbar. If you want a soundbar, not a soundbase, and want something more substantial than the Beam, the Playbar is the way to go. It's not cheap but it does deliver a big room-filling sound, and there's the option to add extra speakers as rear channels to get even closer to the surround sound experience.

Sonos Playbase deals

Sonos Playbase

If you prefer a soundbase to a soundbar, then the Playbase is your only option where Sonos is concerned. Luckily, it's a pretty good option. There's an impressively big, wide soundstage, solid, natural bass and a stylish, solid build. The treble can be a bit edgy when it gets really loud but it's still a fine buy.

Sonos Sub deals

Sonos Sub

If you want to get serious about your Sonos home cinema set up, then why not add a subwoofer. There's only one in the Sonos range, inevitably called the Sonos Sub. It does what it says on the tin and is a nice, albeit expensive, addition to any Sonos system.

Sonos Connect deals

Sonos Connect

The Connect can turn any home hi-fi into a Sonos streaming system, simply connect one of these clever boxes to your amplifier and you're in business. It's a great way to bring Sonos smarts to a traditional music system - and upgrade your sound in the process.

Sonos Connect:Amp deals

Sonos Connect:Amp

Much like the Connect, the Connect: Amp is all about bringing Sonos to traditional two-channel systems. You've probably guessed the difference; this one has its own amplifier, so you can connect straight to a pair of speakers.