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Best Black Friday 4K Blu-ray disc and 4K film bargains

Best Black Friday Blu-ray discs and 4K film bargains
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Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and even YouTube have toyed with the quality of their streams throughout Europe during the COVID crises and that's left AV fans uncertain about the truth behind their online 4K fix. The good news is that there are options for high quality video viewing without having to worry about throttled bitrates.

Even with the best of upscaling engines, most TVs over 50in in size are going to produce a pretty ropey image if they're force fed an SD-only diet. It might be time to consider getting back to the superior quality of physical formats or opt for paid-for rentals and downloads.

Below you'll find our pick of the best Blu-ray player deals as well as offers on 4K Blu-ray discs and some bargain 4K film downloads - high-quality entertainment regardless of your bandwidth. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, we will be keeping an extra close eye on any solid gold Blu-ray deals.

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