Best budget 4K TVs


If you want an Ultra HD television at a real-world price, you should investigate our carefully compiled list of TVs below.

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Under £500

Samsung UE40MU6400U

This Award-winning set delivers a very good 4K picture at an extremely tempting price. Bargain hunters, look no further.


4K resolution | HDR10 compatible | Wi-fi

Reasons to Buy
All the specs and apps you could hope for
Deep, insightful blacks
Impressive detail and definition
Natural, nuanced colours
Great value
Reasons to Avoid
You can get more impressive HDR if you spend more money

Under £750

Philips 50PUS6703

Corking across-the-board performance and a nice slice of Ambilight action too.


4K HDR | Smart apps | Ambilight

Reasons to Buy
Popping, dynamic image
Great handling of detail
Good range of streaming and catch-up apps
Reasons to Avoid
Dull user interface
Amazon Prime Video isn’t HDR
Uninspired remote
Difficult to set up

Under £1000

Samsung UE55MU8000

This deeply talented Samsung television produces a stunning 4K HDR image at an ever-improving price.


4K HDR picture | Streaming services | HLG compatible

Reasons to Buy
Vivid colours across the spectrum
Natural skin tones
Sophisticated handling of detail
Easy-to-use smart hub
Reasons to Avoid
Restricted viewing angles
Lacks dynamism in its sound

Under £1250

Samsung QE49Q7F

A hugely sophisticated and accomplised TV at a very reasonable price.


4K | HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | QLED

Reasons to Buy
Punchy, bright and vibrant pictures - particularly in HDR
Fabulous detail and definition
Great operating system
Excellent for gaming
Broad selection of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Iffy viewing angles
Can be beaten for motion
Sony rival is cheaper and more subtle

Under £1500

Philips 55POS9002

A 4K HDR OLED TV with Ambilight and cracking picture quality. Consequently a bargain.


4K OLED | 4 HDMI inputs | Supports HDR10, HLG

Reasons to Buy
Stunning HDR performance
Ambilight is as lovely as ever
Decent sound
Nicely balanced delivery of non-4K content
Reasons to Avoid
Glaring app omissions
Some rivals offer greater nuance
Motion processing isn’t quite perfect