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Tidal streaming update comes to Meridian's Sooloos system

Update 24:03:15

The software update, bringing Tidal streaming to Meridian's Sooloos system is now officially live to download.

And, to coincide with the launch, Tidal is offering all new and existing Sooloos customers a 90-day free trial.

The offer, available until 31st May 2015, gives unlimited access to Tidal's catalogue of CD-quality music files. To take advantage of the free trial, Meridian customers should register their Sooloos here...

First published 02:01:15

Tidal will also be integral to Meridian MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) demonstrations at CES 2015 in Las Vegas next week, streaming MQA music files via a Meridian Sooloos digital media system.

The Tidal integration brings a lossless audio streaming experience to Meridian Sooloos system owners, all of whom can now enjoy unlimited access to over 25 million tracks in lossless quality.

In addition, purchasers of the new Meridian Explorer 2 - the portable, compact USB DAC - will be able to enjoy a free three-month trial of the streaming service.

John Buchanan, CEO at Meridian Audio says: “The partnership with Tidal is significant for a company such as Meridian which prides itself in delivering a super-quality digital signal throughout the path from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing technologies.

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