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Save £78 on Marshall Kilburn guitar amp Bluetooth speaker on Prime Day

Marshall Kilburn in Amazon Prime Day deal
(Image credit: Marshall)

A Marshall speaker has got to be the ultimate in rock 'n' roll. Just sling its leather strap over the handlebars of your Harley Davidson, put the pedal to the metal and head on down the road... or, put it in the boot of your car and drive to the park with sandwiches, a picnic blanket and a book – we're not here to tell you how to live your life. 

What we would like to tell you is that the Marshall Kilburn is just £110 for Amazon Prime Day – a £78 saving on the asking price. 

Marshall Kilburn portable Bluetooth speaker £188 £110
Style over substance? Maybe... but it is pretty damn stylish. If you like the look of this Marshall amp style speaker, then you will no doubt love the sound of an almost-£80 saving. It comes with 20 hours of battery life and a 3.5mm input for wired connections.View Deal

The Kilburn boasts 20 hours of portable Bluetooth play time, but even when that's been exhausted the music doesn't have to stop – you can simply go analogue thanks to the 3.5mm input. 

The classic Marshall guitar-amp-styling should look as good in your home as they do in the great outdoors, and – because of the 48-hour deal extravaganza known as Amazon Prime Day – it's currently 42 per cent off. 

Remember, it's your road. Others can ride it with you, but no one can ride it for you. So, since you're going anyway, why not take your favourite music with you?

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