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Pure Drive Digital is in-car DAB adapter for VW group cars

The Pure Drive Digital follows in the footsteps of the Pure Highway 300Di, which was an aftermarket in-car DAB radio solution for any car.

This adapter is said to be specifically for VW group cars, with four colour illumination backlight settings to suit various dashboards.

The unit itself features twin digital radio tuners (in an effort to retain a more solid reception as you travel), a USB port for connecting a flash drive, phone or MP3 player, and the ability to pause and rewind radio broadcasts (a job for passengers rather than drivers, we'd suggest).

Pure says the device is Digital Tick approved, which should mean it's future-proofed ahead of a digital radio switchover and ready for DAB+ as well as DAB.

Norway is set to become the first country to turn-off FM radio in 2017, and affordable access to in-car DAB radio is cited as a key requirment for making the switch. There's no official UK date for the FM switch-off as yet.

The Pure Drive Digital is on sale now for £279.50, which includes installation by a VW specialist installer.

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