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LG CineBeam HU810P laser 4K projector promises to bring the cinema home

LG CineBeam HU810P 4K projector brings the cinema home
(Image credit: LG)

Cinemas may be reopening after lockdown, but wouldn't it be more relaxing to get the big-screen experience at home? That's the promise of LG's latest projector, the CineBeam HU810P.

Not only does it provide a 4K picture at up to 300 inches, it also plays nice with all the major streaming services so that you can get your fix of streamed entertainment with minimal hassle.

LG's own webOS 5.0 operating system is onboard, giving you quick access to YouTube, Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+. Other streaming apps are available via Apple's AirPlay 2 and Screen Share wireless technologies, allowing you to beam them to the projector direct from your smartphone or tablet.

There are 2700 lumens of brightness, which should not only be adequate for your home cinema cave but also a well-lit room, and will make the most of both HDR10 and HLG formats of high dynamic range. 

LG's Adaptive Picture Pro technology promises to provide plenty of vibrancy, too. Two presets adjust the settings depending on the brightness of your room, while Adaptive Contrast automatically adjusts each frame for the optimal contrast in darker scenes. The HU810P can adjust the frame rate to match the original source at 24Hz too, so you see the film exactly as the director intended.

You can connect it wirelessly to your home cinema set-up using Bluetooth or WiSA, or cabled via HDMI (HDMI 2.1 and eARC is supported).

Promising on paper? Absolutely. We await information on price and release date eagerly. 


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