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Leema announces £6000 Libra high-resolution DAC/preamplifier

The device – due to make an appearance at the Bristol Show 2015 later this month [February] – also features the company's Quattro Infinity dual-mono modules that can be upgraded over its lifespan.

It's the latest addition to the company's flagship Constellation series and incorporates the same precision-machined outer casing as the five-star Tucana amplifier and Antila CD player.

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The Libra supports high-resolution audio capabilities, plus DSD 64, DSD 128, DXD and 384kHz PCM files via USB.

It offers a range of connectivity options, with three coaxial and three optical inputs accepting 24-bit/192kHz audio. There are also two I2S inputs via RJ45 connectors and two XLR inputs.

Meanwhile, the Libra also includes three analogue inputs – each of which can be configured as unbalanced or balanced.

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For wireless streaming, Bluetooth is on hand to pair up a smartphone, tablet or other compatible device. And a headphone amp is also provided if you want a more personal experience.

In addition, Libra is described as a "full LIPS controller" – using the Leema Intelligent Protocol System, it can communicate with other units in the Constellation series and control them too.

A Leema Acoustics spokesperson said: "The communication enables simple control of power on/off from one unit, right up to the control of all functions in a Leema Acoustics system, comprising up to 15 individual components."

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