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8GB iPhone 5C and iPad 4 with Retina display go on sale in UK

8GB iPhone 5C

Apple has added an 8GB iPhone 5C to the 16GB and 32GB models previously on sale in the UK. The cheapest iPhone 5C now costs £429, compared to £469 and £549 for the larger models.

The iPad line-up has also been adjusted, with the iPad 2 discontinued and replaced by the iPad 4, now described as the iPad with Retina display but sporting the same spec as the iPad 4.

The iPad with Retina display is only available in a 16GB capacity model, costing £329 for the WiFi-only model and £429 for the WiFi+Cellular option. The iPad Air remains the premium iPad option, and costs £70 more for the respective 16GB models.

Reports have suggested that sales of the new, colourful iPhone 5C have been disappointing, so the new, cheaper model, will no doubt be seen as an attempt to drum-up interest in the alternative to the flagship iPhone 5S.

The new iPhone 5C and iPad with Retina display are live on the Apple Store now, alongside the premium models (5S and Air, respectively) and the iPhone 4S, which remains on sale.

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by Joe Cox

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