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Lars & Ivan BK-21 review

A really impressively built system for the money, which also sounds much more expensive than it is Tested at £130.00

Our Verdict

A great little system that still sits proudly among the class-leaders


  • Performance has poise, detail and cohesion
  • lovely looks


  • Nothing

“How much?” That's the question you're most likely to hear repeated if you tell someone how much you've paid for this funky little desktop system.

Of course, you could lie, and tell them you've paid £500: you'd probably be believed, because the sound quality is exceptional for the cash – tonally impressive, rich and detailed, and surprisingly loud – while the styling and build are exceptional for a sub-£150 system.

Those clear-plastic speaker bodies are well-finished, and the fit of the drivers is tidy. The head unit mimics a miniature integrated amp, apart from only having one input, but for your MP3 player or computer, that's all you'll need!