The best Sonos accessories – stands, cases and more

the best Sonos accessories
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After almost two decades in the multi-room space, Sonos remains one of the most accomplished audio companies around. Its approach to multi-room music makes it the best in the business – straightforward to set up, with exemplary access to streaming services and good sound quality on top, now with hi-res support too.

That doesn't mean that Sonos speakers or soundbars can't be tweaked and bettered, mind. Whether you’ve got the small Sonos One, a pair of Play:5s, or a Beam or Arc sitting under the TV, the following accessories can get even more out of your favourite speakers...

Hard case for Sonos Roam or Move

Khanka Hard Travel Case for Sonos Move

(Image credit: Khanka)

By nature, portable (i.e battery-powered) speakers are designed to be taken out and about with you, to help soundtrack picnics and trips to the beach. So like sunglasses, they need protecting from all that travel when they're not in use. Sonos's two portable speakers – the Sonos Roam and Move – are no different, so if you own one or both of those, why not treat them?

The Khanka hard carry case for the Sonos Roam is barely bigger than the compact speaker, giving it a snug housing. There's a hand strap, plus a net pouch inside to store the charging cable. Like the Roam, it's available in black or grey.

Khanka's hard carry case for the Sonos Move is naturally bigger but similarly designed and comes with both a handle and carry strap. It fits the speaker, complete with the charging base and cable. Both cases are well-reviewed on Amazon.

Add voice control via Echo Dot or Nest Mini

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

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If you’ve got a Sonos One, Beam or Arc, then you’ll already have Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant voice control built into your Sonos system due to their built-in microphones. But for those who have older, mic-less speakers such as the Play:5, the tiny Amazon Echo Dot (pictured) and Google Nest Mini provide two great functions when connected to Sonos speakers.

The first is most obvious: voice control. The connection between Amazon’s Dot and Sonos’ devices means you can use voice control to get music playing in a specific room, discover new products or adjust volume.

The second benefit is Bluetooth, one of the major omissions to Sonos’ line. But a connected Home Nest Mini or Echo Dot speaker (through the line-in port) means you can blast music from your phone over Bluetooth to your multi-room system easily.

Get a music streaming service subscription

Some people have a wide array of music stored meticulously on a music server, but most of us these days rely heavily on streaming services – and Sonos works with nearly all of them.

No matter what you choose – Spotify for its class-leading user experience, Tidal for its sound quality, Qobuz for its hi-res catalogue, or Apple Music for its quality curation, price and quality (and because you’re an iPhone user) – the Sonos app will integrate it and let you play any track anywhere in your home.

Put your Sonos One, One SL or Play:1 on a desk stand

Flexson desk stand

(Image credit: Flexson)

You could just put your Sonos speaker on the table, but you should put it on one of these nifty stands from Flexson. Whether your music is blasting from your bedside, kitchen or desk, this stand will give it support and can help angle its sound towards your ears. What's more, it is now discounted for Black Friday.

Flexson also makes dedicated Sonos floor stands and Sonos wall mounts, so be sure to check those out if you'd prefer your speakers placed higher in a room. Sonos makes its own range of seemingly very nicely designed stands, mounts and shelves, of course, but they are more premiumly priced.

Connect a turntable!

Best record players

(Image credit: Rega)

If you have a Sonos Amp, Five wireless speaker or Port streamer, you can connect a turntable directly to their analogue inputs (RCA or 3.5mm), provided the deck has a built-in phono preamp stage. You can check out our pick of the best turntables on the market, but we'd single out the Sony PS-HX500, Rega Planar 1 Plus and Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (Sonos Edition) as suitable budget options.

It won't be the most sophisticated turntable system you can get your hands on, but if you're happy with your existing Sonos system and would like the option to listen to records occasionally alongside music streaming, this is a decent way to do it.

Poor wi-fi? Get a Sonos Boost

Sonos Boost

(Image credit: Sonos)

Wi-fi extenders are good, but the Sonos Boost is better. If your wireless signal can’t quite extend throughout your house and your Sonos sound is suffering, then this inexpensive gadget is what you’re looking for.

Rather than carrying all wireless signals, the Boost creates a network that works solely with Sonos kit, so the prospect of interference from other devices becomes a thing of the past. Connect it to your router via an Ethernet port, and you’re away.


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