Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 2449

An idiosyncratic valve-based design, the Synthesis Shine will hopefully put this little known brand on the radar of UK hi-fi customers

£ 1025

This Creek is a nicely built and likeable amp; it just lacks the dynamic reach of the very best

£ 230

If you're on a budget, and searching for a decent receiver/ amplifier combo, then you could do much worse then this Cambridge Audio gem

£ 16858

The Dartzeel CTH-8550 is certainly a well-engineered amplifier, and eye-catching to boot, but the colossal price tag weighs it down

£ 300

The superb RA-04SE is just the latest in a long line of ever-improving Rotel amplifiers

£ 4500

There's much to love about this valve powered Quad, but some may be put off by the hefty price tag

£ 360

This tiny Stereo Box sounds incredibly powerful, but the trade-off is a shortage of insight

£ 600

We're already fans of Rotel's budget-conscious amps, so this souped-up 'SE' model has us salivating

£ 2408

With its no-frills appearance and spec, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the IS Reference for a budget amp. But up and running, it fires out a distinct

£ 6995

This valve driven amplifier would be a guaranteed talking point if it was a part of your kit. We can't help but love its quirky styling and great soun