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LG 42PG6900

Tested at £700

This 42in set packs in bags of functionality for a fantastic price – and it performs brilliantly, too

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  • Smart styling and simple to use
  • good TV tuner
  • decent video performance
  • integrated 160GB PVR
  • very cheap


  • There are better sets for picture performance – but it'
  • ll cost you
You'd be well within your rights to think that £800 for a 42in TV is a rather good price. So when we tell you that this LG set has a 160GB hard disk drive with Freeview Playback PVR functionality, like us, you'll probably start to wonder what the catch is with the 42PG6900.
Well, casting our eyes down the spec panel, one slight hiccup is the 1024 x 768 resolution, which is only HD-ready, rather than Full HD. Still, the set can handle 1080p/24fps content, so whether or not this is a problem really depends on the quality of the actual picture.  
Visually, the LG's frameless design and handy swivel stand impresses. 'Invisible speakers' add to the look, with two built-in 10W speakers providing the audio. Inside you'll find a 100Hz processing engine, three HDMI 1.3 inputs, a PC input and, of course, a digital Freeview tuner. 
Hard disk records up to 60 hours of TV
But the standout feature is that 160GB capacity HDD. You have 60 hours to play with, and you can pause and rewind live TV, and record one show while you watch another.
The tuner quality excels too, displaying clean, detailed images. Recordings are faithful and sound is solid, with clear, full-bodied voices.
Switch to video playback and again we're impressed. There's not the sense of three-dimensionality of the very best but insight remains good, colours are balanced and motion is handled smoothly.
Features, functionality and a low price combine with this LG TV, but it would be worthless if the picture performance wasn't up to scratch – thankfully, we're very impressed.
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