Sky confirms commitment to 3D and 4K broadcast plans

31 Jul 2013

Sky Sports 3D

Sky Sports reaffirmed its commitment to producing 3D content across its line-up of sports programmes, despite the lack of support the medium is receiving from other broadcasters.

Sky also revealed it was testing and viewing 4K video content but that it was "just a little bit soon for now".

With BBC and ESPN blaming a "lack of public appetite" for dropping 3D, Sky insisted it wasn't looking to scale back its own 3D content, and was instead looking to improve and expand its Sky Sports 3D coverage to more sports.

Steve Smith, director of Sky Sports Production, told "We're only at the beginning of really working with 3D technology, pushing the boundaries of what it does and what it delivers. So we learn on each production that we do... and move forward."

Smith asserted that 3D viewership "is still growing", and that Sky "now has more viewers on our [3D] platform than ever before."

Smith said Sky was looking at other sports for 3D, such as boxing and rugby league, and that the volume of 3D content for football this season would "be comparable to the last couple of seasons".

Despite BBC and Sony teaming up to produce 4K content recently at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Sky was non-committal on guaranteeing any sort of timeline for 4K TV, adding that "as with all future technologies [Sky] will evaluate it and see where we can get involved."

Paul Fuller, creative director Sky Sports, reiterated the interest in 4K but added it was too soon for Sky: "When I first saw HD it was on a 26in screen and I didn't get it. Then I saw it on a 50in screen and I got it. I'm lucky enough to have seen 4K and I get that too... It's just that little bit soon for now."

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by Kobina Monney

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Are Sky still charging £10.00 per month for HD?


Good post   z058261... it makes sense.

Sky is the the best resort for opening the UK up to 4K entertainment and it is clear that SKY have no plans for it at the moment despite journalist wanting to hear something firmed up. The tone suggest a long wait.

Momentum is building worldwide on 4K, not quite fever pitch yet, with even the PRChina with their TCL and Seiki 4k TV at knock down prices. TCL even have a 110 inch version I heard.Are these cheap and cheerful sets going to come to the UK??? If not then that is another nail in the coffin for the UK in popularising 4K, 

If you you are rich you should go for the premium 4k TV and not worry about the hardware upgrades. There are some wonderful 4k stuff in youtube that will reward.

Sony have some of their 'live the vision' promotional material that shows off the triluminous colours and 4k. I do not have x9 4k but with the 1080p W905 set but I can still appreciate the clips in their glorious colours.


PS4 is coming and 4K movie downloads could be coming as earlier as Nov 2013. I hate to hear that the download wouldn't be avaliable in the UK? As it will put all the nonsense -  'there is no 4K material so why buy a 4k set' - to bed.

I urge people to consider investing in 4k and forget 'has been' expensive plasma TVs like the ZX65,a great set but arrives too late to have a long future.

 Make 4k broadcast a reality sooner.

Sky is looking for reasons to support and implement 4k so let's give them one.