Seiki launches 39in 4K TV for $699

27 Jun 2013

Seiki has launched a 39in $699 4K TV in the US, the cheapest 4K Ultra HD resolution television currently available.

The 39 inch TV (model name SE39UY04) is set to go on sale at the end of June, having been revealed at the CE Week Line Shows in New York, though pre-orders have opened today.

Listed on the Sears website, the 39in 4K TV appears as on sale for just £534.01 when accessing the US site from the UK, though it's "not available for international shipping".

We covered the $1500 50in Seiki 4K TV back in May but it seems the brand, which has a US HQ but is part of Chinese company Tongfang Global, wants to drive 4K TVs even cheaper.

We can't vouch for the quality of the screens – nor has a UK release date or price for any Seiki TV been confirmed – but it will certainly give consumers and manufacturers alike pause for thought in the fledgling 4K Ultra HD TV market.

The Sony KD-65X9005A is the cheapest, smallest 4K TV that we've reviewed so far but still weighs in at £6000 for the 65in screen.

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Seiki claims to deliver "a great TV, without the nonsense", eschewing Smart TV and 3D, claiming punters just want to sit back and watch TV. And clearly removing these features allows the company to keep the price down.

Seiki also cites "sheer volume" as a way of keeping prices down, at the same time as saying it uses the "most advanced panels and the legendary performance of Yamaha amplifiers to power our speakers".

The Seiki 39 inch 4K TV features digital and analogue tuners, two USB inputs for displaying pictures and "multiple video and audio connections" including three HDMI inputs.

It's questionable how useful the 4096 x 2160 resolution will be on a 39in TV – but at $700, we're sure plenty of US punters will be tempted to find out.

Pre-orders for the Seiki SE39UY04 $699 4K TV opened today via Sears in the US.

The cut-price 4K TV comes as the bigger companies', such as Samsung, reportedly consider ramping up 4K UHD TV production at the expense of OLED TV development due to strong interest in 4K TV.

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by Joe Cox

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Was at the bristol show where what hifi sourly argued that 4k was a waste of time, there was no content, file sizes too big, years off yada yada yada.  


The picture was clearly the best we'd ever seen - with a resolution that provided miles and miles of depth.


Here's a panel for peanuts and this month sony provide downloadable content.

Clearly next year is going to be the year of 4k, with oled, like 3D quitely being ignored.


This mag has turned into the puppet front end for tech companys! Where's the information in your magazine that will actually help consumers get to grips with 4k??!

no mention that 4k is actually 2160p in the consumer world.

no mention of rec.709 to itu2020 colour gamut shift.

no mention of the move to 12bit colour, or of 4.4.4 uncompressed colour

no mention of display port being techinally better than hdmi,(2160p on a single lead @ 60fps) with the potential expectation of it replacing hdmi.




That could change things if 4K TV's in the UK came out so affordable 

Seiki... or Seiko?