Marantz officially unveils Melody wireless systems

24 Jul 2013

Marantz Melody Media

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year, Marantz has officially confirmed two new Melody hi-fi systems, the Melody Media M-CR610 and the Melody Stream M-CR510.

Both sport a compact and elegant design, and of course look to deliver top-notch sound quality along with a host of cutting-edge wireless features and functions.

Marantz Melody Media

We had a look at the two systems earlier this year and they certainly look very luxurious in the flesh. Both models feature AirPlay with Wi-Fi as standard. Spotify support is also included along with a new Marantz Remote App for both iOS and Android users.

The Melody Media is bigger than the Stream and comes with a CD player, FM/DAB tuners and access to Internet radio.

There's also a digital input plus front and back USB connections, which are Made for iPod and iPhone and support ALAC, FLAC HD and WAV 192/24 hi-res files.

Marants Melody Stream

The Stream does not offer either FM, DAB or CD playback, concentrating purely on digital services and offering all the network streaming capability featured in the Melody Media.

The Melody Media will go on sale for £499, with the Melody Stream priced at £399. Available in glossy black or black/white colour schemes, both systems are set for release from September. 

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by Kobina Monney

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If I read CR603 user review

people say that the Marantz DAC is not good.

I hope it is fixed in this new model.


Question: is there any chance that Micro system will have internal harddisk soon?



Thanks chebby,


BTW why this is put on the HiFi, meanwhile Onkyo CR-N755, Denon D-M39DAB, and others put on the All in one system, micro and style system ?

@utomo.  Denon & Marantz are different parts of the same company and their micro/mini/network products share a lot of internals.

Their 60th Anniversary has nothing  to do with it. The M-CR610 has to 'take the crown' from it's own predecessor (the M-CR603) rather than any Denon micro.

I have received all downloaded firmware upgrades automatically for the last 2.5 years (for my M-CR603) in a timely manner and they have all worked fine. I have no doubt they can do the same for the M-CR610 as well.


Marantz must make sure that it is really good. (and maybe also prepare the upgradeable firmware if needed by Internet download)

60th year anniversary is important.  

If Marantz screw up this products, Marantz name also got bad effect, because it is anniversay edition. need to wait another 10 year.  Marantz must take the crown from Denon micro HiFi, at least this year beat the Denon M40

is there any Line out ?