Marantz M-CR610
New all-in-one streaming systems start from £399, have new upmarket look, 6005 stereo separates replace 6004 amp and CD player, gain USB playback and digital inputs

Marantz is replacing some of its most popular models with upgraded versions: the CD6004 CD player and PM6004 amplifier are replaced with CD6005 and PM6005 versions in September.

Meanwhile, a month earlier, the M-CR603 streaming system gives way to the M-CR610 Melody Media system, and is joined by the M-CR510 Melody Stream.

New for the CD6005 CD player, which will sell for £349, is enhanced USB playback, with a front-panel socket able to handle WAV files and retuned parts for better sound quality.

The front-panel USB also now charges attached iPads, and there's a new system controller able to 'drive' both the player and the new PM6005 amplifier.

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Selling for £379, the PM6005 gains optical and electrical digital inputs over the outgoing PM6004, using the same 24-bit/192kHz DAC as the CD player. Both components also have a revised design and improved controls.

The new Melody series is designed for a more elegant, luxurious look: both of the new systems draw on traditional Marantz styling cues, but are available in either gloss black or black and white. They support streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz FLAC or WAV, and gapless playback.

Both models have AirPlay and Wi-Fi built-in, as in the existing M-CR603, but now gain built-in Spotify, support gapless streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz FLAC or WAV, and have Wi-FI sharing with iOS devices.

They also now have two USB inputs, front and rear, and can be controlled using a new Marantz Remote App available for iOS and Android, and have a digital optical audio input for connection to a TV or other digital source

The M-CR610 Melody Media comes complete with a built-in DAB/DAB+/FM tuner and CD player, and will sell for £499, while the M-CR510 Melody Stream is a simpler streaming system at £399. Both models have a 2x60W output, but the M-CR610 can be switched to biamp suitable speakers with 30W per channel.

Also on the way later in the year are a new Premium SA-CD player and stereo amplifier, the SA-14S1 and PM-14S1, at £2199 apiece.

The SA-CD player uses a new mechanism to disc playback, and also operates as a DAC, with an asynchronous USB input able to handle files at up to 24-bit/192kHz, as well as having native DSD playback for DSD 2.8 and 5.6. It also has a USB input on there front for iPods, iPhones or USB memory devices.

The amplifier uses a new current feedback topology for its power amp section, and uses a redesigned volume amplifier for better bass.

Written by Andrew Everard