Marantz MM8003
The 8003 series, claims Marantz, is a reference-standard high-def audio and video "entertainment hub"

Marantz' 8003 series consists of a THX Ultra2-certified networking AV pre-amp/processor and an 8-channel power amp. A built-in digital media player means you can access and stream music and movies from your home network.

As well as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio processing, the system has HDMI 1.3 capability (four in, two out) and 36-bit Deep Colour support. It can upscale to 1080p from all analogue and digital sources, and delivers 1.2kW over its eight channels.

The 8003 series will support a multi-room setup, too, with high-def via HDMI in the main room, component in the second and independant audio capability in the third. There's even an additional remote.

A segmented power supply and extensive shielding, plus a copper-plated, full metal shell and Pure Direct mode, which shuts down all unnecessary circuitry, help to deliver optimum performance from the AV8003.

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The MM8003 power amp shares the pre-amp's copper-plated metal shell. Its toroidal transformer delivers 150+ Watts  to each of the channels and it features custom-made and customised components throughout.

The AV8003 pre-amp has an RRP of £1999.99, with the MM8003 going for £1299.99.