Humax launches 1TB Freesat Free Time box

31 Oct 2012

Freesat FreeTime

Humax has released its latest Freesat+ box, the HDR-1000S/1TB, complete with the new Freesat Free Time EPG.

The PVR has a 1TB capacity hard disk that allows you to record 600 hours of SD content or 250 hours for HD and joins the HDR-1000S/500GB box, which was the first Free Time box to be released.

Freesat+ Free Time is a new EPG, which attempts to bring a YouView style look and feel to Freesat.

The new interface allows users to move effortlessly between live digital channels and catch-up TV content from BBC iPlayer and ITV Player (4oD and Demand 5 are scheduled for release in late 2012), as well as back and forward in time through the EPG.

Humax freetime

Set to be available on a new generation of Freesat+ boxes – but not as an update to existing Freesat+ boxes – the new Free Time TV guide will roll out across other boxes from partners Manhattan, Philips and Sagemcom later this year.

Full details and pictures of the new Freesat Free Time service 

This box, like the HDR-1000S/500GB, is ethernet-only, though Freesat has told us that more boxes will launch very soon and a WiFi-box is likely.

Also promised in the near future is a Freesat Free Time app for smartphones and tablets bringing remote record and remote control functionality to your portable device.

Available from Currys, Comet, John Lewis and independent stores from £299, the Humax HDR-1000S/1TB is on sale now. 

Look out for our review of the new Humax box very soon.

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Sorry to hear about that richallerton, all I can say is that our test sample didn't suffer from the EPG glitch you mention. But we'll certainly raise the issue with Humax

Just purchased a Humax HDR 1000s and returned it on the same day as it continually froze during EPG use and even on power up (after switching off at wall for 5 mins).  Currys were completely uninterested and unknowledgable, but perhaps that is the Newark branch.

More disappointingly, I purchased it after reading the What HiFi review.  It was only after my problems that I searched further to find that there were a number of different forums reporting the same problem.  I would agree with Glassofwine above, that What HiFi should take note of such concerns, on their forum and others, when making recommendations, even if only as an obsevation, but hopefully undertake some form of investigation where considered appropriate


I picked one up today for £190 in Comets closing down sale... I'm pleased, but the box is lacking some important features that the previous generation FOXSAT HDR had (notably you can't make the Humax remote turn on you TV). I had considered YouVIew, but the Freeview signal in my area is dire, so satellite it is...

It's seriously lacking in things that should be standard, such as no HDMI CEC control, and insists that you use optical out if you want your TV in anything more than Stereo (surely HDMI is more than capable????).

Boot time from standby is just as slow as the Foxsat, 30seconds+ isn't a big deal, but in an age where my laptop wakes from standby in under 5 seconds not really impressive.

Perhaps software updates will polish this device for us, otherwise I may be looking to see what other hardware manufacturers bring to the table in coming months (fingers crossed).

Heard a rumour that there is an iPhone Remote Record app on the way which will certainly be nice.

It does look like it tries to upscale all channels to my selected 1080p, looks pretty, and sound (once using optical out) is reasonable, although seems very quiet unless I turn the PVR volume to max and then my amp up to 25 (for a bluray my amp is ample loud enough at 15), which seems odd because I'd have thought that the digital optical would have been volume independant.

The new interface is pretty and I can see how Showcase will be a useful tool for seeing if anything interesting is on over the next few days.

In all I'm pleased, it's not bad for the money, but will keep an eye out to see if anything better hits the market.

Another dissatisfied Humax customer, and I feel very sorry for you, that you find yourself 'lumbered' with a pile of Humax junk.

I myself was once foolish enough to purchase a Humax product, an early HD receiver, in order to get BBC HD at its birth.  The problems I had with it were nobodys business not even, it transpired, Humax's either, who virtually disowned it, saying it was never intended for the UK market!!  In the end, I could NEVER get hold of anyone to help with the issues; phone messages and  emails were all ignored.

Customer service?  Humax don't know the meaning of it.

After that experience, I would NEVER entertain the idea of purchasing ANY Humax products, no matter HOW much they were recommended by What HiFi? S&V, OR anyone else.

Come to think of it, this magazine would do well to engage their own customers views about how well or badly other manufacturer's 'Customer Service' departments rate.  There are one or two I could mention that are nowhere as good as they used to be.

Humax would be better advised recifying the bugs in their current boxes before moving on. Mine is riddled with bugs, but Humax has seemingly abandoned  me and others.