Cyrus announces Signature Series DAC, preamp and power amps

14 Jun 2013

Cyrus Signature Series

Cyrus has announced the first models in its new Signature Series range: a DAC, DAC/preamp and two mono bloc power amps, all fine-tuned by the company's Technical Director, Peter Bartlett.

Drawing on the work done to create the limited-edition Anniversary Series, designed to mark the company's 30th birthday, the Signature Series models form the basis of Cyrus's new flagship range.

The initial line-up comprises the £1750 DAC X Signature, the £2750 DAC XP Signature DAC/preamp and the Mono X 200 and 300 Signature power amps, at £1950 and £2750 respectively, and more models are expected to join the Signature Series later.

The DAC X Signature uses twin 32-bit stereo converters in dual-mono configuration, and are isolated from the control systems to improve clarity. A custom-designed ultra-low-noise toroidal transformer is used, along with multiple levels of regulation to give each section of the unit a noise-free power supply.

Cyrus DAC XP Signature

The same DAC technology is used in the DAC XP Signature, which also has upgraded power transformers, new filtering and smoothing on the DAC supply, new 'short path' analogue switching stings and an uprated XLR balanced output design for greater signal purity.

The two power amps feature upgrades including a new input buffer op-amp, with a higher slew-rate and higher gain bandwidth, for a smoother high-frequency response, plus extra power filtering to reduce electromagnetic interference.

These improvements, plus the zero-feedback design of the amps, give what Cyrus describes as 'open imaging with inky-black backgrounds'.

The Signature Series components are available now.

Written by Andrew Everard

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We have received the Mono X 300, which will be reviewed in Temptation in our October issue (on sale Aug 28th) and the DAC XP will be tested in the November mag (on sale Sept 25).

Why are there no reviews? 


They've also ditched their Stream XP streamer, leaving the Stream X, Streamline and Stream XP Qx players.

Premium sticker/ transfer on the unit concerned. Says it all really.

'inky-black ' ! Hurrah!

Actually I'd quite like to hear these. Can I borrow the WHF review set?

Whereas the mantra "children should be seen, not heard" (especially coming into land on a plane - grrr) is true, I think the opposite applies to hifi.  Sound is everything, looks are secondary, even tertiary considerations.

That having been said I think the "Signature" labels look like cheap aftermarket stickers and for the few bob extra it would cost Cyrus I think they could have been put on with decent transfers (a few steps up from your Airfix kit mind you) or something.

One day (hopefully soon) I'll be able to afford a set and I'll post pictures and a sound review for all y'all (as they say around here) to read. 

Dreaming.  Dreaming of you.  Dreaming ....

I can't help thinking that Cyrus kit is in need of a facelift, it's looking rather jaded now. The mono blocks certainly don't look like a multi £k piece of equipment. And that's from someone who thinks hi-fi should be heard but not seen!

A shame given they probably sound very good (still remember the Cyrus / Vienna room at a show a couple of years back, lovely sound).