Looking for a new pair of speakers to boost your system? Or perhaps a pair of wireless speakers for all your multimedia needs? Bookshelf, floorstander, wireless... we've covered them all.

We've looked through previous four- and five-star reviews and searched various websites for the best deals around at the moment. 

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Acoustic Energy 301

Tested at £425 / Best price £299

Acoustic Energy has fallen off our radar of late, but the 301 standmounters definitely have our attention. They're supremely talented speakers, able to serve up a crisp, detailed sound with plenty of attack.

There's no shortage of rivals at the budget end of the speaker market, but with this sort of discount available, you should definitely consider adding them to your shortlist.

Acoustic Energy 301 review / compare latest prices


Dynaudio DM 2/7

Tested at £600 / Best price £500

Their design probably won't set your pulse racing, but you should ignore these classy-sounding standmounters at your peril. Refined in the treble and tonally even-handed, they're a poised and eloquent listen.

They can do finesse, but the Dynaudios also have a livlier, more invigorating side to their character and it's this dexterity and love for all musical genres that makes them a real contender at the money.

Dynaudio DM 2/7 review


Epoz AktiMate Blue

Tested at £600 / Best price £449

These Epoz speakers offer a twist on the traditional. The Blues are even better equipped for the digital age and feature a trio of useful connections - USB (24-bit/96kHz capable), optical and coax (both accept 24-bit/192kHz data streams), in addition to Bluetooth.

They're a larger proposition than the Q Acoustics mentioned below, so require extra room to shine, but if you want an alternative to an old-school, dedicated hi-fi system, then the AktiMate Blues are ideal.

Epoz AktiMate Blue review


Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

Tested at £250 / Best price £199

With a new Bronze range of loudspeakers on the horizon, you can find some great deals on the outgoing series. The BX2s are previous What Hi-Fi? Award-winners, so we've no hesitation in recommending them.

They're hugely talented bookshelf speakers, able to dig up an imprelssive amount of detail and deliver music with pace and drive. At ths money, and while you can still get hold of them, they're a no-brainer.

Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 review / compare latest prices


Q Acoustics Q-BT3

Tested at £350 / Best price £209

We're huge fans of Q Acoustics traditional stereo speakers, but the BT3s bring the additional benefit of being wireless. They're a great option if you want to boost your TV or computer sound, or just want to stream music to them from a smartphone.

The BT3s are easy to set up and have a number of analogue and digital inputs, plus aptX Bluetooth streaming. They produce a sound that's easy to enjoy over long listening sessions - few products are as versatile and easy to like for the money.

Q Acoustics Q-BT3 review


Roth OLi RA1

Tested at £100 / Best price £89

'Bookshelf speaker' is a term that gets banded around quite a bit, but not all such speakers are small enough to tuck away on shallow shelves. Which is where the Roth OLi 1s come in...

Their compact size (just 15cm deep and inly just 23cm tall) allows them to reach into spaces other rivals can't. The fact they work at their best up close to a wall means they're at home in confined spaces too.

Add decent build quality, pleasant looks, likeable sound and a sub £100 pricetag, and we can't think of any reasons why you wouldn't give the Roths an audition...

Roth OLi RA1 review / compare latest prices


Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

Tested at £1000 / Best price £400

The launch of a new Revolution range has had a knock-on effect on the old, with these DC6T SE floorstanders the pick of the bargains. These two-time Award-winners are still a fine proposition and ridiculous value at just £400.

We've always been keen on the way these speakers look, and they remain one of the most attractive floorstanders we've seen. They also produce a wonderfully integrated and entertaining sound.

Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE review


Tannoy Precision 6.2

Tested at £1700 / Best price £800

Out of the box, these attractive, distinctive-looking speakers create an impression of real quality. The curved cabinet edges, satin dark-walnut veneer and clean aluminium trim around the driver units add the finishing touches.

Once you hear them in all their glory, you'll be bowled over by their sound. The 6.2s create a stereo image to die for and produce a wonderfully dynamic and detailed sound. At less than half the price we originally reviewed them at, the Precision 6.2s demand consideration.

Tannoy Precision 6.2 review / compare latest prices

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