Looking for a new pair of speakers to boost your system? Or perhaps a wireless speaker for all your entertainment needs? Bookshelf, floorstander, wireless and AirPlay... we've covered them all.

We've looked through previous four- and five-star reviews and searched various websites for the best deals around at the moment. 

We'll be updating this page with new deals as and when we find them, so make sure to visit our website for the latest bargains.

Bookshelf speakers

PSB's Imagine Minis deliver impressive sound

Q Acoustics 2010i and Denon D-M39DAB

Tested at £120 and £310 / Available as a package for £269

Okay, so the first pair of speakers on our list isn't a solo pair, it comes combined with the Denon D-M39DAB. But for £269 for the whole package, can you blame us?

The 2010is are still one of our favourite pairs of bookshelf speakers, offering fantastic composure and detail.

The Denon, meanwhile, may not have the best spec sheet around in terms of features, but it more than makes up for it in build and sound quality. Combine the two products together and you've got yourself a brilliant little microsystem.

For an extra £30, you can get the Denon with the award winning 2020is too.


PSB Imagine Mini

Tested at £600 / Available for £399 / Compare Prices

As the name suggests, the PSB Imagine Minis (pictured above) are incredibly small, standing just 23cm tall. But from their small stature you get an impressively expansive soundstage, producing something that you'd expect from speakers twice their size. 

They might not be able to quite compete with the likes of B&W or Monitor Audio, but they're still a capable pair. For £399 you even get a free pair of stands (while stocks last).

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Floorstanding speakers

Spendor A6R

Tested at £2500 / Available for £1899 / Compare Prices

The A6Rs are an upgrade to the original A6s, and from the first listen it's clear improvements have been made. While they may keep the same appearance, the sound is well-balanced and coherent, not to mention incredibly detailed. 

In short, it's incredibly hard to fault the Spendors and so we seriously recommend giving them an audition.


Tannoy Revolution DC6T

Tested at £1000 / Available for £400 / Compare Prices

They may not be the SE version, but the DC6Ts are still a capable pair of floorstanders. They deliver a fast, detailed sound with plenty of excitement as well as offering good detail and timing.

Wireless speakers

NAD Viso 1 AP ditches dock for AirPlay

Audio Pro Allroom Air One

Tested at £500 / Available for £399

The Audio Pro was an Award winner last year and recently won a group test of wireless speakers. Quite simply it's still the best wireless speaker at this price.

It has an excellent set of features including AirPlay and Direct Link and an audio performance that exudes quality. The Air One delivers impressive amounts of power and scale, making it the perfect companion to any party. 


NAD Viso 1 AP

Tested at £500 / Available from £329

Sporting some exceptionally good looks, the Viso 1 AP is an upgraded version of the Viso 1. It now loses the iPod dock in favour of AirPlay for wireless playback. 

It features a well-balanced and refind presentation, which we're fans of. It's possibly one of the few speakers that could give the Audio Pro a challenge.

Alternatively, for just £179 you can get the original Viso 1. It doesn't have AirPlay onboard, but it does still offer Bluetooth for wireless playback, as well as an iPod dock.